Automobile Brand
Whale assists T in achieving digital management and in-depth marketing governance, which effectively boosts its capability in standardizing in-store services.
  • Customer Background
    T, an automotive brand, is a professional car care e-commerce platform in China. As its business grows and covers more and more areas, T has started to focus on digital technology to achieve more detailed store operations and continuously improve its service standardization capabilities.
  • Customer Requirements

    Adopt digital management to achieve cost reduction and efficiency

    Improve the efficiency of store inspections to ensure follow-up rectification and regional evaluation

    The headquarters needs to understand the operation status of stores, trace the business situation and follow up

    Depart from traditional quality inspection and use intelligent equipment to enhance the effectiveness of inspection

Solutions & Values

Combing and optimizing the complete store inspection process, on-line remote store inspection system to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of terminal inspection

Multi-dimensional data support, multi-departmental collaborative review: find out the root cause of performance loss

Combine with remote quality inspection from headquarters to conduct terminal store behavior tracking. Enhance vertical execution and cultivate terminal habits

Intelligent AI point inspection, the system automatically captures demonstration scenes to provide more efficient store management control for the headquarters

Facing the trillion-dollar post-automotive market, we help reduce costs and increase efficiency with digital management, upgrade and iterate traditional stores into offline smart stores, improve service standardization capabilities, and build the leading ability for T in the post-automotive track.


A car brand x Whale

In China's trillion-dollar automotive aftermarket, automotive brand T is committed to breaking free from the confusion, lack of standards and poor consumer experience imposed by the overall industry environment and focusing on the continuous improvement of service standardization capabilities.

As its business continues to grow, T has opened more than 13,000 partner stores across the country, covering 31 provinces and cities. The traditional, inefficient offline store operations were clearly no longer suitable for T, a car brand in a rapid development stage, while the concept of offline smart stores fit well with T's natural Internet genes.

Based on this demand and foundation, Whale joined hands with an auto brand T to help T realize digital management and in-depth marketing governance and effectively improve its store service standardization capability by deploying a remote store inspection system and a complete smart store solution, which provides a series of optimization actions such as remote quality inspection of headquarters, tracking of terminal store behavior and subsequent review and improvement.

When the original video monitoring system and remote store inspection system are still stuck in the traditional monitoring era and cannot meet the rigid needs of brand development, Whale AI+IoT solution comes into force and uses several products, including "SDP" Whale Space Data Platform, "WMC" Whale Marketing Cloud, and "WOP" Whale Open Platform, to improve the operational capability and sales conversion rate of stores.

It is worth mentioning that Whale uses more innovative interaction methods to guarantee the overall effect, provides implementation and after-sales services for the whole life cycle of the project, provides intelligent work orders under the supervision of the system, and the services built with T have covered 900+ service outlets.

After the Whale solution has been implemented, the store operation has achieved visible cost reduction and efficiency increase. T is looking forward to laying the foundation for the full coverage and upgrade of smart stores, so that the brand can face the future in a better position.

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