Automobile Brand
Relying on Whale’s technical force and data system, W has optimized and upgraded its content and marketing.
  • Customer Background
    W, a global smart electric vehicle company founded in 2014, is committed to creating an enjoyable lifestyle by providing high-performance smart electric vehicles with the ultimate user experience.
  • Customer Requirements

    Enriching the number, form and type of cars presented in stores through digital and virtual reality technologies; enhancing the shopping experience for potential car owners

Solutions & Values

Sensing user interaction, building in-store content optimization supported by data system, achieving accurate consumer portraits and personalized content pushing

Uniform, fast and real-time management of offline screen display content using CMS management tools

Use AI services to quickly create offline marketing content

Collect, store and analyze offline customer behavior with Alivia Data Analytics

    With the output of well-designed quality content and a strong interactive experience to capture the minds of users, W Automotive will be empowered by digital technology to reach new heights in the field of new energy vehicles


    A car brand x Whale|Create and share a better way of life

    The W brand, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality services and innovative replenishment solutions through smart electric vehicles, has been in the first-tier echelon of the new energy vehicle circuit. Focusing on product quality and customer experience to create a new and enjoyable lifestyle, W Motors strives for excellence and promotes performance growth and brand development with its abundant and full display and enhanced experience.

    For the younger generation of consumers, who are very experience-oriented while pursuing quality, W Auto has seized the opportunity to use digital technology as a grip to start from the smallest details and pry the overall optimization with local changes. This requires not only a deep understanding of cutting-edge technology and innovative power, but also targeted control of the needs of target users.

    Based on the developing market environment, Whale and W Auto have cooperated on user interaction, content display, data support and marketing optimization.

    Content optimization and display cannot be achieved without user interaction feedback and full domain data asset support. Through "RFID, binocular camera, etc. to sense user interaction; through "Alivia Data Analytics" to collect, integrate and analyze offline customer behavior; through "CMS management tools to unify, fast, real-time operation of offline screens to display different models, and build a complete data system to support the optimization of in-store content; in addition, Whale also provides AI services that can quickly create offline In addition, Whale also provides AI services that can quickly create offline marketing content, helping W Auto to carry out follow-up dynamic content planning and personalized content pushing.

    Currently, 300+ W Auto stores are about to be or have been digitally upgraded and have brought significant business value increases: consumers' offline store length of stay increased by 200%; the number of offline store merchandise displays increased by 3 times+; user interaction experience improvement brought brand effect and conversion improvement.

    Through the power of technology and data system, W Auto has achieved optimization and quality improvement of content and marketing. Providing cutting-edge experience and creating and sharing a better lifestyle with intelligent electric vehicle products and services will allow W Auto to go better and further.

    Empower Business Growth