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With the increasing competition in China’s automobile market, the digital transformation and upgrade of the dealer management system has become more important. Whale hopes to apply AI vehicle identification algorithm to substantially enhance X Finance’s data control over 4S stores
  • Customer Background
    An auto group X, which brings together many 4S stores of dealers, has several sub-brands, mainly serving X Finance Group Co. Along with the improvement of dealership management system and digital transformation of the whole auto industry, X Finance is also committed to improving data control and enhancing the group's ability to digitally govern 4S stores of dealers.
  • Customer Requirement

    Regularly check the operation of each dealer's stores to enhance systematic risk control capability

    Statistics on the flow of people and vehicles in and out of stores, as well as business status and other related data

    Early warning processing of relevant abnormal indicators to improve the overall digital governance of dealer stores

Solutions & Values

Monitor the flow of customers and vehicles in and out of stores through AI vision to understand more about store operation status

Configure data indicators through algorithmic solutions to correlate alarm messages to improve human efficiency

Real-time store dynamic data, associated to specific events, to play the role of event warning, to enhance the value of data

"As the domestic auto market becomes more competitive, the digital transformation and upgrade of the auto industry's dealership management system becomes more and more important. We hope to use AI recognition vehicle algorithm technology for X-Finance to significantly improve the data control capability of dealership 4S stores"


Car Company x Whale|Digital transformation and upgrade of distributor management system

For the automotive industry, it is a trend to realize the digital transformation and upgrade of dealership management system and improve the efficiency of the whole process digital management of dealership stores.

However, how to obtain and monitor the real-time data of major dealership stores and realize the information sharing between brands and dealership stores through the data platform is the challenge of the whole system development, and it is also a test for the designer's ability to develop vehicle identification algorithms.

In this market context, Whale, with a very strong data algorithm development team and development capabilities, worked with X-Finance to help X-Finance significantly improve its data control over dealerships by capturing data on the flow of customers and vehicles in and out of its 4S dealerships, as well as store business conditions.

For X Financials, an auto group with many dealership stores, it is essential to monitor the business situation of each dealership and capture the daily store traffic data. How many customers and vehicles are coming in and out of the stores every day? Is it possible to improve store management efficiency based on data and algorithms?

Whale developed an AI algorithm to identify vehicles, and used AI cameras to count the daily traffic flow in and out of the store showroom and the daily traffic flow in and out of the park to assist in monitoring the daily store operation status of 4S stores of dealers across the country. The data will then be linked to specific events and serve as event alerts, significantly increasing the value of the data.

This partnership with X Financials is a milestone for Whale in the automotive market today. The partnership greatly enriches Whale's product and vehicle identification algorithm development capabilities, while X-Finance utilizes Whale's algorithm solution and early warning platform to improve data control over dealerships, which is of great data control and promotion value to the entire auto chain industry.

In the future, Whale will assist X-Finance to deploy to 2,000 dealership stores nationwide and upgrade the store data management system.

Through Whale's AI vehicle identification algorithm development, X-Finance will improve the overall data control of dealership stores, promote brands to improve the real-time and sharing of data supervision between the group and dealership 4S stores, significantly improve management efficiency and reduce management costs.

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