What the pandemic can change is solely the development pace of the current automobile market, rather than the direction of the future automobile market. In the great transformation of the automobile industry in the next decade, Whale is confident in empowering the industry to create more business opportunities.
  • Customer Background
    The normalization of the epidemic has made more industries realize that strengthening the competitive advantage of products and the competitive strength of systems is far more important than dealing with external emergencies. Aiyihang, which is in the automotive service industry, urgently needs to use digitalization to establish standardized services and thus enhance its competitiveness.
  • Customer Requirements

    Save labor costs and realize online store management

    Improve service efficiency and optimize customer experience

Solutions & Values

Deploy high quality cameras in stores and use "cloud store patrol" to supervise stores 24 hours a day to create transparent workshops and improve management capabilities

Analyze the data captured by the cameras to improve the business flow rate and evaluate the service efficiency of employees, helping companies optimize the customer service process and experience

"What the epidemic can change is only the pace of the current car market, not the direction of the future car market. Whale is confident that the next decade of great change in the automotive industry, empowering the industry, brings more business opportunities."


Aiyihang x Whale | Automotive Aftermarket Digital Transformation

In October 2020, Whale and Aiyihang reached a cooperation agreement on building a fully digitalized store together.

In order to save labor cost for brands and realize online management of stores, Whale's tent deployed high-quality cameras in Aiyi Hong stores to obtain clear real-time monitoring images in the monitoring area, so that store managers can supervise any store 24/7 through "alivia mobile".

At the same time, "cloud store inspection" helps brands to effectively avoid the risk of losing orders, as well as check the area at regular intervals, and automatically form work orders for the problems found after the system audit, and hand over to the store staff for processing. The system will automatically form work orders for the problems found and hand them over to in-store staff for processing. It makes the process of problem processing more standardized and transparent. The "cloud store inspection" can also discover potential problems that are difficult to find in time through algorithms, so as to realize a more standard automated process and standardize store operations.

For the automotive aftermarket, offline users are always the most valuable resource. After customers arrive at the store, the cameras deployed by Whale's curtain can automatically identify license plate numbers, record vehicle entry and departure times, and form reports based on data such as the number of vehicles entering the store, time of entry, distribution, workstation occupancy time, and previous stores in the same period, to achieve workstation management and scheduling, and automatically estimate queuing time for customers to improve business flow rates.

For staff management, Whale uses cameras and sensors to record store staff's on-the-job behavior (e.g., time on duty, service arrival rate, high-frequency sales vocabulary), evaluate staff service efficiency, and help companies optimize customer service processes and experiences.

Aiyihang will subsequently apply this capability to all workstations: capturing license plates of vehicles parked at repair workstations and recording dwell time. These data are connected to Aiyihang's own ERP system, which can calculate the value generated by a single workstation per unit of time, and correspond to specific employees. This provides powerful data support for the refinement of Aiyihang's store operations, ultimately achieving the purpose of improving ping efficiency and human efficiency.

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