• 2023 Hackathon is Inspiring Groundbreaking Innovation
    The Hackathon competition enabled Whale employees to showcase their skills and generate real-world solutions using cutting-edge technology.
    2023-04-03 17:08:19
  • 36Kr Interview 丨 "Whale's Curtain" Ye Shengliang: AI technology in the live room, through the algorithm to improve the efficiency of consumer reach
    ​With the booming development of the live streaming industry in the past two years, users’ reliance on short-form video continues to deepen, and how to create explosive live streaming rooms and increase live streaming traffic has become a high concern for brands and webmasters. Whale Curtain is a digital marketing company that helps brands improve their live streaming performance by providing AI technology analysis to drive traffic to their live streaming rooms for the purpose of commercial real
    2022-09-20 18:16:36
  • Creating "Addictive Algorithms" for Superbrands|Whale's Curtain Releases New DAM & VAP Content Digital Products
    Based on the best practices of working with brands over the years, Whale has continuously updated the innovation of its products and services, and explored a new track of digital content management based on "AI" and "data algorithm" through repeated attempts, launching two new digital content MarTech products, "DAM" and "VAP", with the mission of promoting the digital marketing upgrade of brand content and accelerating the digital management of brand marketing content as the driving force, helpi
    2022-09-20 17:48:21
  • Full text of Wu Sheng's annual speech: Scene branding, the here and now of new business
    On August 7, 2022, the annual "New Species Explosion - Wu Sheng Business Methodology Release 2022" kicked off on the day of autumn. The theme of the 6th New Species Explosion was "Heart Flowing", and Wu Sheng, the proposer of Scene Methodology and founder of Scene Lab, released for the first time 8 methods and 5 predictions of "Scene Branding", systematically telling a "highly deterministic era of branding".
    2022-08-07 19:50:02
  • Wu Sheng Business Method Release 2022|Scene Brand Whale: An Emotional Algorithm for the User Journey
    On August 7, 2022, the New Species Explosion - Wu Sheng Business Methodology Launch 2022 with the theme of "Heart Flowing" was launched in Beijing on the occasion of autumn. On site, Wu Sheng, the founder of Scene Lab and the initiator of the New Species Experiment Program, proposed the concept of "Scene Branding", completed the sharing of 8 Scene Branding stories, and released the 8 methods of Scene Branding. As the only SaaS digital technology service provider mentioned on the site, Whale was
    2022-08-07 18:18:45
  • Dialogue on Overseas Markets|Whale CGO Guan Herong Attends Seamless Asia 2022 Online Forum in Singapore
    On June 22nd, the world-renowned exhibition group Terrapinn hosted Seamless Asia 2022, where Whale’s Chief Growth Officer, CGO Guan Herong, was invited to join Simon Torring, Co-Founder of Chalawan, Mazen Kurdy, Founder & CEO of Stylemyle, and Harshavardhan Chauhaan, VP & CMO & COO of Spencer’s Retail & Nature’s Basket, in a session titled "Unlocking the Data Black Box for Omni-Channel Scenarios". Kurdy and Harshavardhan Chauhaan, VP & CMO & COO of Spencer’s Retail & Nature’s Basket, participate
    2022-06-23 18:03:49
  • Morketing Interview | Is the last mile of MarTech good field data management?
    On May 13, Whale held the 2022 SEAWORLD Spring Online Product Launch. At the event, Whale announced for the first time a spatial data solution dedicated to providing "people-content-field" integration for brand stores, "SDP - Space Data Platform".
    2022-05-20 12:19:46
  • Interview with Whale CGO Guan Herong: SDP shows the value of field data
    ​Martech is one of the hottest concepts in recent years, and there are now more than a thousand Martech companies in China, large and small. In the marketing field, which emphasizes online data, CDP, DSP and other trendy concepts, Whale, which was established 5 years ago, put forward the concept of SDP for the first time, forming a closed loop of online and offline data to break the "last mile" in the Martech industry.
    2022-05-16 17:30:00
  • Whale launches SDP spatial data platform, opens up a new track for field data
    On May 13th, Whale, a professional full-domain digital marketing operation platform in China, successfully held the 2022 SEAWORLD "Play online and offline field, data unleash the value of space" spring product online conference. At the conference, Whale released a new solution based on data analysis of commercial space "field" - "SDP - Space Data Platform".
    2022-05-13 15:00:32
  • Whale News | Whale Named to the Auditing and Protection Program, Recognized Again for Data Security
    ​In December 2021, the China Academy of Information and Communication Research (CAICR) opened the call for the third batch of "Personal Information Protection Compliance Audit Pilot Program" members, and after more than 3 months of rigorous review, Whale was successfully selected as the third batch (the first batch in 2022) of "Audit and Protection Program" unit members. This is another shot in the arm for Whale to protect consumer privacy and information security, following ISO27001 (Informatio
    2022-04-22 17:30:00

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