Whale News|Whale takes security to the next level with ISO 27701 certification

2022-04-08 17:30:00

Whale has recently received ISO 27701 (Privacy Information Management System) certification, which is another authoritative security certification in the area of privacy and information security, following ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System).

How authoritative is ISO27701?

ISO27701 is an international standard for privacy information management system jointly published by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which is an extension of ISO27001 information security management system. ISO27701 is not only a management system, but also a collection of general information security control measures.

As an effective complement to the ISO27001 system, ISO27701 efficiently assists companies to identify and analyze privacy risks and ensure compliance with high-level privacy protection compliance requirements by establishing a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS), which is an internationally authoritative guidance standard for privacy management system construction in the industry.

Fully guarding trust and putting a lock on users' peace of mind again

Achieving ISO 27701 certification means that Whale's privacy information management capabilities have met international standards and that the company and its employees have met international certification requirements for privacy protection. This certification is also a peace of mind for Whale's customers, as a comprehensive security control system and compliance building provides security for 300+ brands.

In addition to protecting consumer privacy, Whale is also committed to promoting the effective implementation of personal information protection throughout the industry. Recently, Whale has been selected as a member of the "Personal Information Protection Compliance Audit Pilot Program", which is led by the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAITC) and established under the guidance of the China Internal Audit Association, the China Banking Association and the Internet Healthcare Standards Promotion Committee of the China Communications Standards Association. Promote the continuous development of personal information protection compliance audit and enhance the level of personal information protection in various industries.

As a professional digital marketing platform in China, Whale has long imprinted the awareness of "protecting consumer information security" in its DNA in all aspects of data insight, industry analysis, product design, and solution output, from basic security construction to information security construction, up to the top-level security design of privacy and information security framework, there are special working groups to promote the company The company's internal privacy and data security system is in place.

Compliance management, it is urgent

To help brand customers respond to national policies on data compliance, Whale has launched Consent & Preference Management, a privacy compliance platform. The platform serves as a data privacy management platform for customers, enabling data collection and management, allowing customers' applications to comply with personal information protection laws, increasing user trust while enhancing product transparency. It takes into account the security of user information and the full utilization of data value, and strictly protects consumer information at three levels: information collection, information storage and protection, and information use.

In the future, Whale will continue to be technology-driven and serve brands in accordance with legal compliance requirements, making technology warmer and allowing user information security and data to leverage brand growth to be balanced and symbiotic. At the same time, it will also insist on practicing its corporate social responsibility and helping the construction of privacy protection and information security industry.

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