Whale launches SDP spatial data platform, opens up a new track for field data

2022-05-13 15:00:32

On May 13th, Whale, a professional full-domain digital marketing operation platform in China, successfully held the 2022 SEAWORLD "Play online and offline field, data unleash the value of space" spring product online conference. At the conference, Whale released a new solution based on data analysis of commercial space "field" - "SDP - Space Data Platform".

This is a milestone product for Whale in the field of "field" data, and a brand new track in the field of spatial digitalization. In the future, SDP will help brands promote the digitalization process in the integrated online and offline "field" domain.

Nowadays, in the new consumer era dominated by "people, content and field", the data analysis of people is inseparable from CDP and the management of content has DAM, and with the intricate and complex domestic online marketing ecology, live e-commerce ecology and offline shopping ecology, the trend of consumer linkage through "online and offline" has also brought a new change to the "marketing field" of brands and the "shopping field" of consumers.

In this environment, Whale, after years of continuous technology exploration and best practices, responds to the urgent needs of brands seeking digital transformation, and takes the new launch of SDP products as an opportunity to redefine the concept of "field" and unleash the value of "field".

Whale SDP's spatial data solution does not stop at offline, but needs to create a fully connected online and offline commercial space, shaping a three-dimensional and complete data portrait of the "field".

In short, SDP uses "Whale Analytics Cloud" as the technical base and "Whale Marketing Automation Platform MAP" as the intelligent execution and closing loop of marketing operations, with the digital needs of brands as the core, running through the entire life cycle of brand space management and managing the full range of touchpoints in the consumer journey. In the process of accelerating the digital strategy layout of commercial space, it provides insight into the whole journey of customers' shopping, deeply optimizes the overall operation of commercial space, and maximizes the efficiency of people, ping effect and field effect.

"Brands need to use data to understand each live broadcast and understand the efficiency of store operations; only data-driven is the unchanging best practice for brand marketing operations." At the launch event, Whale's Founder & CEO Mr. Ye Shengxuan mentioned in his speech that to perfectly integrate "online and offline" and form a brand's unique "field", the three key points of "full domain, collaboration and data" are indispensable, Whale's digital system is the best practice under these three key words, and SDP is undoubtedly the product that can perfectly combine the three.

"Whale Analytics Cloud" is a powerful technology base for SDP to be realized and implemented. At the launch event, Whale product leader Liu Jia said, "Analytics includes event analysis, attribution analysis, funnel analysis, component analysis, path analysis, retention analysis and other analysis engines, which can provide insight and understanding of data; combined with intelligent warning and intelligent prediction features, making data more friendly and usable, which can solve the brand side s needs in marketing effectiveness analysis, conversion analysis, marketing attribution and user experience analysis."

At the same time, SDP has excellent performance from offline traffic attraction to online private domain traffic retention, from store traffic statistics and analysis to online inspection, from data analysis to guidance marketing. "SDP is built on top of Whale's three core technologies of AI, IoT and Data that have been precipitated for years, which build SDP's powerful data perception, data analysis and intelligent judgment; by relying on these three horses, SDP is able to achieve the unity of three forces, driven by data intelligence." This is what Shukun Xie, CTO of Whale, said when he shared the five application scenarios of SDP on the ground.

In addition, the "New Era of Smart Space - SDP Spatial Data Platform White Paper" (hereinafter referred to as "White Paper"), jointly launched by the International Research Center for Data Analytics and Management of Zhejiang University and Whale, was also presented for the first time at the conference, which was explained in detail by Guan Herong, Chief Growth Officer CGO of Whale. He mentioned, " Designing a good MOT (Moment of Truth) for each key moment to provide consumers with a peak experience beyond expectations is a key element in building an offline smart space." The White Paper focuses on digging deeper into the hidden value of branded offline commercial spaces, and the 10,000-word in-depth analysis of the broad business value and prospects of SDP in the field of offline space services.

The launch of "SDP - Space Data Platform", which carries the deep technology and solid practice of Whale's 100-member industry research team, has unlocked a new proposition for brands to leverage sustainable business growth, and injected a new vitality for space business growth. In the past five years since our establishment, we have accompanied 300+ famous brands to grow together on the road of digitalization. We are looking forward to the new "SDP", which will enable the resonance of space and data, and bring out the flourishing super power of brand space!

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