Dialogue on Overseas Markets|Whale CGO Guan Herong Attends Seamless Asia 2022 Online Forum in Singapore

2022-06-23 18:03:49

On June 22nd, the world-renowned exhibition group Terrapinn hosted Seamless Asia 2022, where Whale's Chief Growth Officer, CGO Guan Herong, was invited to join Simon Torring, Co-Founder of Chalawan, Mazen Kurdy, Founder & CEO of Stylemyle, and Harshavardhan Chauhaan, VP & CMO & COO of Spencer's Retail & Nature's Basket, in a session titled "Unlocking the Data Black Box for Omni-Channel Scenarios". Kurdy and Harshavardhan Chauhaan, VP & CMO & COO of Spencer's Retail & Nature's Basket, participated in an online roundtable discussion themed "Unlocking the Black Box of Data in Omnichannel Scenarios" to discuss the digital future of brand They discussed the digital future of brand marketing and showcased Whale's cutting-edge product innovation and technological strength to the world.

As one of the most influential trade shows in Asia Pacific, the conference brought together over 100 banking, retailer, fintech, payment and e-commerce experts from Asia and beyond, including well-known brands such as Samsung, IKEA, Uber and TikTok. Whale is among the growing number of Chinese technology companies that are accelerating their overseas business expansion in the context of the global digital transformation. Seamless Asia is the debut of "SDP - Space Data Platform" in overseas markets, and a small step for Whale to help build retail digital capabilities in overseas markets.

In a roundtable discussion on "What is the most important thing for a brand that is just starting its digital transformation," Harshavardhan Chauhaan led the discussion by saying that the foundation of all brands' digital transformation is systems, whether it is an online POS system, an offline store, or another online consumer platform. The first step is to build your own customer data platform (CDP - Customer Data Platform) to unify consumer data. Then build a powerful stack to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for consumer segmentation, so that brands can target consumers at the right time and space and reach them in a more personalized way.

Mazen said, "It's only when we get access to that level of granularity that we can take our business to the next level. Our business will only go to the next level."

"The traditional CDP is not enough, it's only part of the data, we need more touchpoints and more data, and that's where SDP is important. Thanks to the technology explosion, offline data that brands couldn't do anything with in the past can now be captured through AIoT devices such as CV and AI cameras, and has become part of the digital infrastructure as computing power improves and analytics models rise," said Guan Herong."

Whale SDP is the bridge between space and data. The data generated by the brand during normal operation depends on and flows through the commercial space, and at the same time guides and even determines the improvement and upgrading of the commercial space. However, the two are not directly connected. SDP is the "matchmaker" in the middle, extracting useful information by technical means, facilitating the "chemical reaction" between the two, and ultimately helping brand marketing and boosting performance growth.

As the financial hub of Southeast Asia and the gateway to connect the global and Southeast Asian markets, Singapore is becoming a new hotspot for Chinese companies to go abroad. The linkage with Seamless Asia also demonstrates Whale's determination and confidence to enter the Singapore market. Relying on the key technological innovation of "AI+IoT+Data", we will continue to explore various application scenarios, new business models and new modes in the digitalization process of overseas and domestic brands, empowering brands to realize business expansion overseas and capture the dividends of the global digital economy for overseas brands.

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