Wu Sheng Business Method Release 2022|Scene Brand Whale: An Emotional Algorithm for the User Journey

2022-08-07 18:18:45

On August 7, 2022, the New Species Explosion - Wu Sheng Business Methodology Launch 2022 with the theme of "Heart Flowing" was launched in Beijing on the occasion of autumn. On site, Wu Sheng, the founder of Scene Lab and the initiator of the New Species Experiment Program, proposed the concept of "Scene Branding", completed the sharing of 8 Scene Branding stories, and released the 8 methods of Scene Branding. As the only SaaS digital technology service provider mentioned on the site, Whale was selected as one of the top 8 scene brands with its cutting-edge brand digital tools "SDP Spatial Data Platform" and "VAP Live Analysis Platform" as a case co-construction.

Wu Sheng pointed out: scene brand is, subscribe to a life, experience an era. It is not the new brand that drives digital business, but the brand that creates new scenes; the scenario brand is more than brand, it is all the method. Combined with the in-depth analysis of Whale case co-construction, Wu Sheng depicted the biggest inspiration of Whale as a "scene brand" to this year's scene methodology, namely the emotional algorithm of user journey, modeling the whole scene data and designing the whole life cycle.

Whale :
Starting with spatial intelligence, understanding digital marketing and giving form to the invisible

During the conference, Wu Sheng mentioned one of the keywords for creating a scenario approach in the digital marketing field - "emotional algorithm". He pointed out that Whale seems to have taken the most difficult path in this track: going beyond "pure online" user insights, digital marketing, and private domain ecology, breaking the "data blind box" status quo in the offline space with digital capabilities; and further using "emotion algorithm" to operate users, make them be identified, and design full lifecycle user experience by modeling the whole scene data in the brand "online and offline" domain. By modeling full-scene data in the brand's "online and offline" domains, we can design a full lifecycle user experience. All these have made Whale a highly regarded technology innovator in the industry on the digital marketing track.

SDP:Scene touchpoints that make digital users addicted

Whale understands that today's user journey is based on the switching of domains. For example, they are planted in live streaming, experienced or consumed in offline stores, and then diverted to online private domains, and the brand's own digital "lifestyle" is reshaped. Users' touch points are discrete, and it is the fusion of scenes from different spaces, platforms and channels, so it must be those fields that have been digitally transformed to a very low degree that can become the variables and winners and losers. Re-conceptualize SPACE, not only play the "value of field" based on merchant partners, but essentially deliver the "algorithm of people" that penetrates into the tiny emotions of users.

SDP is capturing and calculating a scene touchpoint that makes digital users addicted, and designing the peak experience of online and offline linkage, which also fully illustrates its differentiated value positioning - "addictive algorithm of super brand".


VAP:A live MOT design

Not only the critical moment, but also at all times

Whale's defined "emotion algorithm" is even reflected in the MOT (user key moment) design of a live room. A very typical live room scene requires more than just goods and scripts, anchor expressions, speech rate, actions, mentioning keywords, including fortune bag time, live room comments ...... They are not ambience groups, but "emotions" that need to be modeled and calculated. More new scenarios similar to the live room are emerging and require more up-to-date emotion algorithms to make the user journey always keep on point and always feel extremely addictive. This is the logic of e-commerce, but also the logic of short video, live, the logic of the crowd, but also the logic of content.

Emotional algorithms require brands to go beyond "offline online integration" and think through every overlooked user key point. The MOT itself is designed to be measurable at the level of results and billable at the level of effectiveness. Only the methodology refined, modeling and optimization done in the moment-to-moment feeling are the variables that can form the differentiation ability at the commercialization level and lead the result ability.


Innovation never stops 

"Addictive Algorithm" explains the value of the field

The field in the era of big data is no longer just a place for buying and selling goods. Both brand offline stores and commercial spaces have started to abandon the mere positioning of physical space, but to take the capture and utilization of "online + offline" space data as the basis for upgrading, the moment-to-moment MOT design optimization as the grip, the extreme emotional algorithm management of user experience as the ladder, and the empowerment of brands to pry performance as the goal, injecting solid digital genes for themselves.

Cultivating new opportunities in the crisis, opening new innings in the change. New Species Explosion - Wu Sheng Business Method Release 2022 and Whale write new speed and new scenarios, signaling that the heart stream of new business is still alive and innovation is endless. In the future, Whale's "Addictive Algorithm" for super brands will further help digital users to complete the transformation from physical to digital concepts, allowing the release of spatial data value and accelerating the advancement of brands on the road of digital upgrading and transformation.

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