Full text of Wu Sheng's annual speech: Scene branding, the here and now of new business

2022-08-07 19:50:02

On August 7, 2022, the annual "New Species Explosion - Wu Sheng Business Methodology Release 2022" kicked off on the day of autumn. The theme of the 6th New Species Explosion was "Heart Flowing", and Wu Sheng, the proposer of Scene Methodology and founder of Scene Lab, released for the first time 8 methods and 5 predictions of "Scene Branding", systematically telling a "highly deterministic era of branding".

A generation of commerce has been completed and a generation of commerce is underway. Looking at the new business here and now, the enabler is not the new brand, but the brand that always creates new scenes. Today it is "scenario driven growth", and the scenario brand is more than a brand, it is everything approach.

The 6th New Species Explosion, with "case list" as the telling clue, through 8 groups of scene branding stories inspired and innovative practices, summarizes 8 methods of scene branding - trust relationship, NFT spirit, experience system, emotion algorithm, problem list, scene infrastructure, scene identity and knowledge map; and refines scene branding 5 major predictions -- New Signboard, New Three Meals, New Collection, New Lefts & New Corner.

The conference was live-streamed simultaneously on Wu Sheng Shake No. and Wu Sheng Creations Video No. The following is the full text of Wu Sheng's Autumn speech specially presented by "Wu Sheng Creations" to share with you.

Over the past month, I have often played "Summer Movie" on a single loop. But at this moment standing here suddenly realized, "Autumn should be good, if you are still present. On the day of autumn in 2022, the new species explosion will finally meet you online with a new and more radical sense of ritual.

01 Digital Business, Heart Flowing

If 2020 is the first year of online concerts, 2022 becomes the year of its prosperity. Whether it's Zhang Guo Rong's 2000 "Hot - Love" concert ultra-HD restored version online, Mayday, Cui Jian's live concert, or "Zhang Yadong and old friends of the song" Jingdong concert, read library "in the glow of the stars in the song", cross-year, singing chat, re-screening, HD restoration, "Concert 2022" redefine the meaning of immersive should be. All rituals should give people a sense of "new immersion". It comes from the infrastructure of the Internet, but also from the maturation of new connection capabilities and solutions.

The past year has seen a number of internet products behave very differently than before. Kim Kardashian opposed Instagram's tendency to "Tik Tok-ize", but Instagram CEO Adam Moseley said he would stick to "video-based" development. TikTok, as a new, brighter and more rhythmic infrastructure, does use "short video moments of empathy" to narrate the new global language. tik Tok's average monthly user hours reached 23.6 hours in the first quarter of this year surpassing Youtube for the first time, and the new wave of brands going abroad swept by Tik Tok Shop ...... Today there is still an endless momentum between new Chinese business and pop culture around the world.

This is the belief that the theme of the conference, "The Flow of the Heart Never Ends," conveys to you. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says in "Heart Flow", "The purpose of heart flow is to keep on flowing, not to reach the mountain top or utopia. It's the power of action that is the best business model. When you actually do it, the things that are most uncertain and important will naturally be confronted with truth.

02 The age of high brand certainty

A generation of business has been completed and a generation of business is underway.

When we talk about the new business process today, we always have the feeling that "people have metabolism, and the past and present have become the past and present". It is never-ending and never-ending. It is important to enter the context and understand the key logic of "ongoing", rather than thinking about the gains and losses of a city or a pool.

No longer aiming for exponential growth, every brand is running to the real needs of the digital era, not vague PPT, concepts and slogans, but must be the scene in the subdivision, the spirit in the subtlety and the experience in the details.

Go deeper into the scene and go to the extreme. A24 is better known as "Transient Omniverse", but it has long defined its own scene in a niche and unique category, with quality works such as "A Midsummer Night's Fright", "Miss Bird" and "Moonlight Boy", forming an "independent aesthetic" that is very different from Hollywood productions. White Claw has made "healthy soda wine" a more widely accepted category, with a more expanded scene and a more unburdensome experience; BeReal has confronted young people's "anti-beauty" social logic and value proposition with its "real social" product design; after SHEIN, there is a cross-border e-commerce company like Cupshe, which defines the lifestyle of the beach scene based on real-time fashion infrastructure.

Scenario-driven growth is not a flow that is difficult to define; on the contrary, what is coming is the "era of high brand certainty" - the rhythm of new business is shifting to scenario-driven, mean reversion, predictability and linear innovation.

Enter together, the patient and slow 'scene branding' cycle.

03 Scene branding, case presence

In fact, there are three roles for brands. The "product brand" is to need a function and think of a symbol, Coca-Cola, Apple and other brands have achieved the ultimate; the "category brand" is to identify with a concept and choose a proposal, lululemon and RIMOWA are typical of defining a new concept and creating a new category.

"Scene branding" is to subscribe to a life and experience an era. They are not recursive, but parallel, even to the extent that many innovative cases have multiple attributes of product brand, category brand and scene brand at the same time.

It is important to understand that it is not just new brands that drive digital commerce, but those that are always able to create new scenarios.

Who will leave and who will stay. Those who leave are not in the real scene today, and those who stay are able to create new scenes with the times. It can even be said that scene branding is essentially more than branding, it is more than all methods. It helps people to better examine the "ongoing time" of the new business and rethink the relationship between IP, content and brand, and the connection between model, channel and community.

Scene branding, case study presence. Today's narrative, unlike previous years, will unfold in the form of a list of cases, 8 scenario branding stories to share and 8 specific ways to find scenario branding.

The first method is "trust relationship", the scene brand is a minimalist model of trust relationship, decentralized mechanism, deep product, channel and user operation.

01 Less is More

I am a long-time subscriber of "Read Library". From 2006 to 2022, the output of Read Library has been stable to "unchanging" for 16 years, and even the Read Library App, which was launched this year, is a "transformation" of Read Library's paperback reading experience to online reading. when the App was launched, Zhang Lixian, founder of Read Library, wrote this paragraph, "In today's era, people are not suffering from less, but from more; not from poverty, but from proliferation; not from indifference to us, but from attempts to please us. Not suffering from indifference to us, but trapped by people or institutions that try to please us."

In a time of information explosion, we are confused by the choices. The inspiration of Read Library's approach lies precisely in Less is More, where less is more. Instead of pursuing user scale in the traditional sense, we cherish the trust of a few people more. "Less is More" also means that the trust relationship is not only the result of user operation, but also the driving force of the product and business model. For Reading Library, every subscriber and user is becoming the producer, consumer and disseminator of content.
Readbank seems to be centralized master impression, but the substance is co-constructed with decentralized trust mechanism. The inspiration of "Scene Branding" of Read Library also lies precisely in this: Scene Branding is a minimalist model of trust relationship, decentralized mechanism, and in-depth product, channel and user operation.

02 Questions are scenarios, answers are trust

Zhihu, which is also focused on the same thing as Readbank, is also building a new trust relationship of "Q&A".

I had a very brief conversation with Zhihu's head of commercialization, and he told me that today's consumers are increasingly pragmatic and have an unprecedented ability to pull in Internet content and model it to form decisions. The ultimate goal of each Q&A is perhaps not to pursue high number of votes for approval, comments and shares, but to be critical enough to form accurate consumer verification, which Zhihu summarizes as "trust decision-making".

From a business approach perspective, I understand trust decision making as "questions are scenarios, answers are trust". To ask a question is to request a solution for a specific scenario; to get an answer is to accumulate trust assets in the feedback. Zhihu's content community is gradually becoming a trust hub, connecting pragmatic consumers on one side and science brands on the other.

03 Pragmatic consumption is the pride of consumption

Another interesting observation is whether pragmatism is becoming the 'main theme' of consumption in this era.

MUJI basics are sought after, but must be matched with personality and sophistication through creativity; KFC's Crazy Thursdays are expected to be a weekly social frenzy; pro-period store brands such as Hi-Tech are stationed in the Mall, becoming a new experience of consumer freedom; raw coconut lattes, bubbly American, oatmeal cups ...... each pop-up can be "replicated" at home. Copy". The pro-period, homemade, flat, basic, have become more spiritual symbols of life, pragmatic consumption is proud consumption, is the new trust consumption.

Always try to understand that "it is much harder to do less than to do more. The strategic core of scene branding is to establish a minimalist model of trusting relationships and to validate scene efficiency in the logic of "less is more".

The 2nd method is "NFT spirit", the scene brand is the super IP of digital consumption, NFT spirit, deepen the brand assets in the digital era.

01 A brand's belief in numbers

BYAC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) should be the most jaw-dropping case in the world in 2021 to 2022. I've been talking to a lot of practitioners over the past few months, and one of my Google classmates told me that everyone is learning from Bored Ape, not just because it's the top brand in NFT today, but more importantly because it's redefining how IP can accelerate through the celebrity effect, how it can quickly raise money and complete large-scale M&A, and even its mechanism for issuing tokens, sustaining early adopters and continuing to build a community. Boring Ape may be the first real "digital pop" in a cycle where digital life has already marched.

Stephen Curry is behind the Bored Ape avatar, making Bored Ape the standard for everyone from NBA players to Hollywood stars. Chinese companies such as Greenland, Beyeasy, Li Ning and Rongtai all bought Bored Ape in 2022. Each Bored Ape carries a cognitive community between brands and digital users, interpreting the new connection between brands and users; and each brand is also marking the value of Bored Ape, which is both a personal social currency and a "business pass" for brands as more and more celebrities and brands are using Bored Ape.

What is worth talking about is not only the boring ape as NFT, but also the IP effect, community creation and economic system it represents. How to accelerate from 0 to 1 through celebrities and social media, how to form a more efficient distribution of IP in the digital age based on "community creation", and how to understand the new "economic system" with a more long-termist mindset.

Brands are keen to learn the project operations of boring apes, which means that such an economic system is coming out of the ivory tower for the first time. This "breaking the defense" process makes people feel first-hand how new IP forms, operation methods and business models are thriving in the digital era.

NFT expresses a pixel-level brand personality on a business approach level. It doesn't matter whether to call it a non-homogenized token or a digital art collection, but quantifiability, distributability and traceability will become standard for all brands today. Every brand must be aware of the need to have digital conviction and the 'NFT spirit' in the digital cycle.

The quantifiable, distributable and traceable features of the times must result in a very different new brand image.

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