Creating "Addictive Algorithms" for Superbrands|Whale's Curtain Releases New DAM & VAP Content Digital Products

2022-09-20 17:48:21

On September 15, Whale, an international professional full-domain digital marketing operation platform, successfully held the 2022 SEAWORLD "Data for Content" Fall Product Launch. At the event, Whale unveiled its new digital content solution, DAM "Digital Asset Management", and its live & video content insights solution, VAP, for brand users. - Whale's Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Video Analytics Platform (VAP) are designed to create addictive content touchpoints for digital users, and to create an "addictive algorithm" for super brands from content production to distribution, bringing digital intelligence to brand content. This is Whale's ultimate exploration in the field of content digitization, and an important milestone for Curtain to lay out the data analytics track of live streaming and short video with AI and data analytics technology.

With the accelerated upgrade of the domestic brand marketing environment, "content is king" is the accepted marketing guideline for almost all brands. While pursuing advanced content, the redundancy in content production and the cumbersome content flow have become the resistance to content growth. Based on the best practices of working with brands over the years, Whale continues to innovate its products and services, and has explored a new digital content management track based on "AI" and "data algorithms" through repeated attempts, launching two new digital content MarTech products, "DAM" and "VAP", with the mission to promote the digital marketing upgrade of brand content. With the mission of promoting the digital marketing upgrade of brand content and accelerating the construction of digital management of brand marketing content as the driving force, we help brands to drive "growth" with "content power" and "decision power" with "data power".

"To create an addictive experience for consumers, technology has become a recognized lever for super brands, and all-round digital intelligence technology empowerment has become the focus of brands' competition in the new era." Founder & CEO of Whale, Mr. Ye Shengxuan, said in the launch event, "Knowing consumers through data and communicating with them more standardized and automated through content touchpoints is Whale's "addictive algorithm" for superbrands."

Whale Founder & CEO Jerry

Based on KaaS (Knowledge as a Service) theory, Liu Jia, the product leader of Whale, explained how Whale "DAM" and "VAP" can turn digital content for brands into a whole by sharing several user scenarios: "Whale "DAM" categorizes and manages quality content from different channels according to people, ingredients, efficacy, scenarios and even seasons. Whale "DAM" categorizes and manages quality content from different channels according to demographics, ingredients, efficacy, scenarios and even seasons, so as to build a brand's knowledge graph, and at a specific point, make good use of the quality content in the "DAM" knowledge base to leverage direct business growth." It is thus clear that the knowledge graph is also the foundation to achieve efficient management of digital content. Then, Zhang Yang, Whale's algorithm specialist, explained how Whale builds enterprise-specific knowledge graphs and how it applies them from a technical perspective.

Whale  Product Leader Jia Liu

At a time when live e-commerce and short video marketing are popular, "VAP" has pioneered the refinement of digital content management for live streaming and short video. First, through the analysis of thousands of live broadcast rooms and live scripts, "VAP" introduces the first "matrix double-loop paradigm" of live scripts, which can achieve the four purposes of sorting out the live broadcast process, managing the anchor's words, determining the theme of the anchor and reviewing the summary by analyzing the structured live scripts. Secondly, the unique field control perspective in the "VAP" system can regulate anchor actions in real time, which greatly satisfies the audience's desire to be valued and thus increases the length of stay. Whale algorithm expert Zhang Yang explained that the "VAP" product is based on knowledge mapping to reprocess the content, which is perfectly integrated with the specific algorithm logic of Drapery and was born.

Whale  Algorithm Specialist Yang Zhang

In addition, Whale's Chief Growth Officer, CGO Guan Herong, gave a detailed explanation of the White Paper, "Digital Reimagination of Brand Content - DAM Digital Asset Building Guidelines|2022 DAM Trend Development White Paper" (hereinafter referred to as "White Paper"), which was presented for the first time at the conference. He mentioned, "The White Paper explains in detail the philosophy of enterprise digital asset and metadata model and classification, provides an in-depth analysis of how "DAM" should serve enterprise development strategy, and shows the audience the prospect and future of digital content management through a host of actual cases of enterprise application of "DAM" precipitated."

Through this launch event, Whale's Chief Growth Officer CGO Guan Herong also brought Whale's e-commerce brand partner "Lead Fly Program" to the public for the first time. "Through this program, Whale hopes to help more brands achieve a qualitative change in their live streaming results in a short period of time, and solve the three major pain points of brand live streaming: how to attract more dimensional traffic? How to improve the conversion of users into the store? How to increase the length of stay of users?

Whale  CGO Kevin Guan

Combining the efforts of Whale's hundreds of production and research teams, this launch event has relaunched two products, DAM "Digital Asset Management", a digital asset management platform, and VAP "Video Analytics Platform", a data analytics platform for live streaming and short video, to prompt brands to shift to fine-tuned digital content operations in pursuit of full This is not the first time that Curtain has released products that enable technology. This is not the first time that Curtain has released a technological breakthrough product, and it will not be the last time that Curtain starts a new journey in the blue ocean. In the future, DAM will take digital technology as its grip, and will be more solidly engaged in accompanying brands on the road of digital development. We are also looking forward to see that "DAM" and "VAP" do not stop at the success they have defined, but also awaken the great potential of brands in the era of content explosion, and give them unlimited possibilities of digital content-driven growth!

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